Sunday, June 26, 2011


Win these light globes!

Over the next weeks, the best comment or suggestion added below will win this carton of six “Home Brand” (made in China for Woolworths), unused, clear, 60W incandescent light globes.  They’re screw-cap (alas), but we shall post them (at no cost to the winner) to any address within Australia.

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troppo said...

Those bulbs not much use to me I'm afraid. The only screw type fitting I have is a bulkhead light on the west elevation. Incandescent bulbs blow real quick due to the heat.
I'm disappointed about the 1m aircons pledge at
Can't afford to turn the thing on - already struggling to pay inflated bills due to the wealthy photovoltaic mob. Don't need it at the moment anyway - 19°S and it's bloody freezing.
I contacted my federal member, emailed Greg Combet & ACTU, told them what I think about the carbon tax scam - that will have to be enough eh.