Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Stupid ‘Carbon’ Tax

The Tax Which Does Nought

Though many claim that
global warming’s a great threat,
there’s no proof as yet;

some politicians,
despite feigned support, are wise
to awarmists’ lies

for, if they believed
in this “man-made climate change”
they’d surely arrange

sound, wise investments
which were quite properly planned
to save threatened land;

we could, say, have built
canals and levees, dams and walls—
not costly school-halls.

That we have a tax
to solve AGW
confirms it’s not true.

The Tax Which Will End

Kevin Rudd lately
claimed that he will take an axe
to the “carbon” tax

but, as ever, he
deceives; he plans to finesse
with an ETS.

UPDATE I:  see Larry Pickering’s “Why Rudd’s ETS Is A Super Con”.

UPDATE II (15 October):