Friday, March 16, 2012

Greenhouse Theory Melts Away

(Thanks to The Hockey Shtick.)

The most frustrating thing about being a scientist skeptical of catastrophic global warming is that the other side is continually distorting what I am skeptical of.  [...]
The object of our skepticism, catastrophic global warming, means warming caused by greenhouse gasses that would so dramatically heat up the earth that despite the proven climate adaptability of hydrocarbon-powered civilization [...], populations the world over would experience impoverishment, mass suffering, and death.
Why are we skeptical of this claim?  Because there is radically insufficient evidence for it.
This may seem implausible, because the news media bombard us with stories of new studies, new findings, new models, new international summits allegedly confirming catastrophic global warming.  But what these stories leave out is the evidential status of these developments—what any given study or model actually proves.  And the answer is, little to nothing, because the present ability of scientists to understand, model, and predict the climate is far, far lower than we are led to believe.


Paco said...

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Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said...Wow! I've been part of a club and didn't know it! Exciting news to find that folks like us now have a place to stock up on the ammunition of truth, and share with others in the fight!

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