Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hateful Greens

By Their Actions Ye Shall Know Them

Slightly more warming
would be better for mankind
than global cooling;

misanthracist Greens,
though, would rather spend billions
on schemes for fooling

ordinary folk
that the world is doomed if warmed
by a few degrees

instead of helping
poorer peoples of the world
to prevent disease,

and have better lives,
by the sort of progress
richer nations had.

I say “had” instead
of “have” because Greens believe
that progress is bad

when it brings greater
prosperity to nations.
The “progress” they crave

is one which Noble
Savages might plan for a
solar-powered cave

if, somehow, solar
panels could be created
by magic.  The best

for these “progressives”
would be the full destruction of
the civilised West.

Ignore the pious
words of carbon-hating Greens,
who ignore the hopes

of poorest peoples;
their actions* shew that they are
hateful misanthropes.

*  see “Killing Us to Save Us”.

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