Monday, July 18, 2011

A Clean Energy Future

Change Leads to Change

climate change brings a rise
of temperature.”*

Thus the desperate
Labor members advertise
their ‘carbon-tax’ cure.

Those fools can’t measure
any other problem’s size
but, on this, they’re sure.

Clearly, all change brings
change, they’ll proselytise,
for their hearts are pure.

A Sad Want of Sound Counsel

Is there no-one wise
near the PM to advise
her, “stop telling lies”?

*  The Government’s “Clean Energy Future” advertisement claims: “Climate change is predicted to lead to further rises in temperature, rises in sea levels and some extreme weather events becoming more common, making life more difficult.”  So, climate change brings climate change.  See “Clean Energy Future advert: count the lies”, at Australian Climate Madness, and see also “An Explanation of Change”.

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